Three Differences Between Residential And Commercial Construction Contractors

When looking to build or renovate a business you will need to employ the services of a construction contractor. If you have never contacted or used one before then odds are that you don't really know too much about them or what the differences are. You may not even realize there are differences! The two major types of construction companies are those that specialize in either the commercial construction industry or those that work primarily on residential buildings. Here are a few differences between the two and why it matters which one you choose when renovating or building your business.


Most commercial businesses are going to require a lot more manpower, machinery, and materials to complete, which are three requirements that need more time and money to prepare for. A commercial construction company has those resources because they have built them up over many years, and have established stronger connections inside the industry. A residential contractor either does not wish to venture into that area or they do not have enough money or connections yet to do so. If you try to employ a primarily residential contractor for a commercial project then odds are it will take them a lot longer and cost more as well.


While you do get some variation between different houses, most of the time you get a pretty similar layout and you know what to prepare for. In the commercial world, no two businesses are identical, which means you constantly need to be prepared to adapt to what the client wants. A commercial construction company is able to handle a lot of more unorthodox requests and can build anything from a storage space to a space shuttle launch site. If you have a slightly out-of-the-box business need then a commercial contractor is likely the only one who can get it done to your specifications.


There are a lot more moving parts on a commercial construction site, with more specialized trades like electricians and plumbers on-site, as well as a more involved team of architects, engineers, interior designers, and so on. All of these people need to work together if you want to have a cohesive end result, which is why you need a company that can handle such a large workforce. Smaller, residential contractors are not used to this amount of people and can easily get flustered, leading to mistakes and further delays in the construction process. 

It's important to work with the right service for your needs. For more information, contact a commercial construction company.