4 Things To Do When Fixing A Wet Basement

If you have a basement that is taking on water, you will want to waterproof it to help to keep the basement free of mold and mildew and to make it a more functional place for you to use.

Do Find Out Where the Water Is Coming From

If you have water in your basement, don't just assume that you know where the water is coming from. Look for cracks in the walls, along mortar joints, and around the corners of the windows to determine how water is getting in. Check around all pipes to see if they are the source of the leaking water. You will also want to conduct a condensation test to see if the water is getting into the basement through the walls.

Knowing where the moisture is coming from will allow you to create a more detailed and helpful basement waterproofing plan.

Do Get Rid of the Water

If you have water in your basement, such as standing water on the floors, you are going to want to get rid of the water before making repairs and working on waterproofing your basement. Standing water puts you at great risk of electrical shock. Use a sump pump to clear the basement of water before you get to work waterproofing it.

Do Work to Keep Water Away From Your Basement

With basement waterproofing, you are going to want to take steps to keep water away from your basement as well. Waterproof the outside of your basement. Grade the soil so that water runs away from your home. Keep your gutters and downspouts clean so that they can easily move water away from your home. What you do outside of your home has an impact on your basement.

Do Fill in Leaks

Finally, you are going to want to use hydraulic cement to fill in cracks in your basement walls. Be sure to fill in leaks around window wells as well and apply caulking around your windows to keep them well sealed. Use masonry waterproofing products on your interior walls to keep the water out.

If your basement has water in it, you will want to find the source of water and clean up the water before waterproofing your basement, and be sure to work to direct water outside away from your basement as well. You can work with a professional to waterproof your basement. Contact a company like J.A. Kilby Enterprises Inc to learn more.