Why You Should Consider Expanding Your Reception Area

When you run a company, it's important to constantly assess your office to determine what changes may be worth making. While you can make some changes yourself, such as moving desks or other furniture around, larger projects will require the help of a professional. If you think that a renovation job would improve a specific part of your office, contact a commercial renovation contractor to discuss what you're imagining. One idea that can often be beneficial is expanding your reception area. Your contractor can offer several ways to achieve this goal, including knocking down internal walls, building an addition, and more. Here's why it's worthwhile to expand this part of your office.

It Creates A Good First Impression

When a current or prospective client or customer enters your office for the first time, they typically do so by walking into the reception area. People are constantly assessing their surroundings and will often get a feeling about your company simply by looking at your reception area. If this space is small and crowded, it doesn't create a positive feeling. Conversely, if it's expansive and has a new look, people can quickly get a good feeling as they enter. Renovating this area to make it bigger can help to create a positive first impression for those who visit you.

It Can Make Your Receptionist's Job Easier

A small reception area can quickly get crowded. If several people arrive within a few minutes of one another, the space will fill up with people who need assistance. This can be very overwhelming for your receptionist, as people may gather in front of their desk and ask for help at the same time. When the reception area is larger to allow for more seating, people can take a seat until the receptionist is free to help them. You want to create a workplace that feels calm for your staff, and expanding the reception area can definitely help in this regard.

It Improves The Flow Of People

Depending on the layout of your office, your staff may often need to walk through the reception area to get from one part of the office to another. If the reception area is small and there are a few people standing in this space, movement can be difficult. Employees may have to maneuver their way through the people, which can potentially frustrate those who have to make this walk multiple times a day. An expanded reception area will allow for an easier flow of people. Contact a commercial renovation contractor like one at B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc. to discuss your renovation needs.