Why Invest In Glass Shower Doors For Your Hotel?

What do your guests think of your shower spaces? The state of your hotel's shower can make a hotel love or hate your establishment forever. The impression of this space starts right when they step into the room. If it is a tacky curtain shower they see, there will be doubts about the state of hygiene in the rest of the room. But the sight of clean, sleek-looking glass doors gives the impression of a well-kept, modern establishment. Glass shower doors make your hotel rooms memorable. So, why should you upgrade your hotel showers with glass shower doors?

1. They Give The Impression of More Space And Light

Glass is transparent and gives the impression of a space being much wider than it actually is. It lets in natural light, brightens up the room, and makes it look airier. It also enhances the openness and space of the room since there are no blocks to the line of sight from one corner to the other. 

2. They Are Easy To Clean 

Glass shower doors are easy and quick to clean. They are hygienic because bacteria and other microorganisms have nowhere to breed. Glass shower doors are ideal for a high turnover hotel where cleaning is a frequent chore.  

They only need wiping down with a smooth fabric with soap and detergent. The clean, transparent panes give confidence to your guests that this space is sanitary and safe to use. 

3. They Have A Modern Contemporary Style

Glass shower doors give your rooms a great modern and contemporary look. They have an elegant style that is hard to match with opaque materials. You can do decorative laser engraving to add a touch of beauty. It gives the room a sense of luxury and opulence and sets your hotel apart from the others.  

4. They Are Durable 

Glass shower doors give one of the earliest dividends; A glass shower door will last well. It can also withstand direct and indirect water spills without suffering moisture damage. It will not rot, corrode, fade, or grow mold. Today's tempered glass can withstand the rough abuse of guests. 

Unlike popular fears about the fragility of glass, today's tempered glass shower doors can withstand heavy banging. They are designed not to hit the wall to minimize risk anyway.

Would you like your hotel rooms to give your guests a memorable experience? Talk to a glazier contractor about upgrading to glass shower doors to make a big impression. 

For more information on glass shower doors, contact a company near you.