3 Signs Your Boiler's Circulating Pump Has A Problem

The circulating pump in your boiler carries hot water around your heating system. It pumps water through the system to warm up your heating units. Like any working part, this pump sometimes develops a problem or breaks down.

What are the signs that you might have a faulty circulating pump?

1. You Aren't Getting Any Heat

If you have a circulating pump problem, then your heating system might stop working. If the pump can't move hot water through the system, then your units can't produce heat.

Sometimes, you get some heat, but not as much as usual. It might also take longer to heat up your home than it normally does. Other times, you don't have any heat at all.

In extreme cases, your pump might simply have stopped working. It might have broken down completely. However, a lack of heating can be a sign that a pump is struggling to work. For example, it might have too much air in its system. The air prevents the pump from circulating hot water.

Or, the pump might have a problem with one of its parts. For example, it might have a wiring problem that stops it from working at full capacity or at all. It might have a damaged motor, impeller, or vane.

2. Your Pump Makes Unusual Noises

Sometimes, you can tell that a circulating pump has a fault because it starts to make strange noises. Or, it might sound louder than usual when it operates. While a fully-operational pump makes some noise, it isn't usually that loud.

Common problem noises include a loud and constant hum or buzzing sound. Sometimes you hear intermittent noises like knocking or growling. Any of these sounds can be a sign of air stuck in the system. Sometimes, they tell you that the pump has a problem with a part, such as a valve or bearing.

3. Your Pump Leaks

A circulating pump can't work if it springs a leak. For example, if you can see or feel traces of water on the pump's connecting pipe or valve, then it might not have the pressure it needs to force enough hot water through your system. If water leaks out, then the pump will struggle to deliver the heat you need.

If you think your pump has a problem, then it might need a repair. If it has failed beyond a fix, then you might need to replace it. To find out what you should do next, contact boiler pumps replacement contractors.

For more information on boiler pumps replacement, contact a professional near you.