Pros And Cons Of Building A Pole Barn For Storage

If you need more storage space on your property, there are a few ways you can go about getting it. You could put up a shed, add on to your garage, or even have a second garage built. One option that a lot of people go for is having a pole barn built. Here are some pros and cons of building a pole barn as a storage solution.

Pro: Pole barns are rather affordable

Pole barns have a pretty simple construction. They have concrete feet into which the primary poles are set. Then, the stainless steel sheeting is mounted to the outside of the poles. A building with this construction can be put up quickly, which keeps labor costs low. You also don't have the cost of more involved materials, such as insulation or a concrete foundation. (These can be added if you want, but they are not necessary.)

Con: Pole barns generally require a building permit to build

In most districts, you need a building permit to put up a pole barn. You may not need such a permit if you were to simply put up a small shed. Applying for a permit does come with a cost, and there are also building guidelines you have to follow, such as placing the pole barn a certain distance from the barn.

Pro: Pole barns can be used for something else later on

Pole barns are really versatile. Some people use theirs as garages to store vehicles, motorcycles, and sometimes even RVs. Other people use theirs as a place to engage in hobbies. Right now, you need a pole barn for storage, but your needs may change in a few years. When that happens, you can always re-purpose the pole barn. It is harder to re-purpose other storage solutions like sheds and garages.

Con: Pole barns aren't overly attractive

These buildings are pretty plain. Usually, they are built towards the back of a property, so people don't see too much of them or really worry about what they look like. However, if you want a storage building that looks really nice, then you may want to look into other solutions.

Pole barns are a great option for many people who need storage space. If you're okay with a simple building, contact some pole barn builders and start asking for quotes. Once you know what the project will cost, it is often easier to make a decision. 

To learn more about Amish pole barn construction, talk to a builder in your area.