Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Update The Look Of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms tend to go through trends that can make your bathroom look outdated if you don't remodel the room now and then to keep up with modern looks. Bathtub and sink colors, tile colors, and type of tiles change in popularity over the years. If your bathroom looks like it's from the fifties or seventies, it may be due for an upgrade. Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas that could make your bathroom look more trendy. 

Put In A Shower With A Glass Door

Glass shower doors are popular. They make a small bathroom seem larger, and they have a more luxurious look than using a shower curtain. If your bathroom has a tub with a shower in it now, consider having a separate shower installed. You may even want to eliminate the tub if you like to shower rather than bathe.

Switch To Stone Tile

Ceramic tiles have been popular in bathrooms for decades, but they might give your room a dated look, especially if the tiles are pink, blue, or a color that was popular in the past. Unless you're going for a vintage look, you may want to replace ceramic tiles with stone tiles for the floor and shower area. You might want marble or travertine tiles in an earth color that are larger squares than old ceramic tiles. This gives your bathroom an entirely different look.

Replace The Sink Vanity

You may want to replace your bathtub and toilet too, but replacing the sink might make the most difference. Sink styles change frequently. If you still have a traditional bowl sink in a basic vanity cabinet, you might want to upgrade to a more luxurious sink style. You could switch to a dresser sink if you need more storage space or you could put in a pedestal sink to create more space in your bathroom.

You could choose an artistic sink bowl or a bowl made of copper. Even just changing the faucet and handles could make a big difference if you have a basic chrome faucet now.

Bathroom remodeling can be challenging since you may need to move plumbing and electrical outlets around. Plus, it isn't always easy to remove or replace a bathtub and toilet. Start by talking to a remodeling contractor so you understand your options and costs. You can totally remodel the room or just make a few changes to give the existing layout a new look.

Bathroom remodeling is usually worth it since you spend a lot of time in there every day. It's always nice to be surrounded by a luxurious, modern look, even if you have a tiny bathroom.

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