Why Landscape Your Garden With River Rock Rather Than Mulch?

If you've landscaped parts of your yard with mulch in the past but aren't happy with the way it looks or works, then switching to river rock might be a good alternative. What are the benefits of using river rock to landscape flowerbeds, pathways, and design features?

Long-Term Coverage

While mulch can last a while, you will have to replace it at some point. As this material degrades and breaks down, you lose some ground coverage. Eventually, you'll have to top up mulched surfaces or replace them completely.

If you put down river rocks, then you get a more effective long-term solution. These rocks are strong and stable. They won't break or wear down since they can last for years.

So, once you put them on the ground, river rocks last for as long as you want them to be there. The only time you need to change them is if you decide to go for a different look or type of landscaping material.

Reduced Maintenance

If you put down mulch, then you increase maintenance work in your yard. Mulch can move in winds or when it is walked on. You might have to sweep parts of it back regularly if it blows or moves out of place. You also have to factor in time to top up or replace the mulch to keep your garden looking good.

River rocks don't need much maintenance at all. The weight of these rocks keeps them where they should be. You might want to hose them down every few years if they get dirty to restore their natural shine; however, you don't need to do any other work on them. Once you've put them down, you can forget about them.

Fire Safety

If you'll landscape parts of your yard close to your home, then you should consider fire safety when you choose which material to use. The same principle applies if your landscaped areas are close to wood fencing.

Mulch is combustible. If it is exposed to a spark, then it might catch fire. The fire will spread across the mulch. This leaves you with some restoration work later. If the mulch is close to your home or wood fences, then the fire can spread there too.

River rocks aren't combustible. They won't burn, so they won't spread fire anyway else on your property.

To find out more about these and other benefits, contact landscaping suppliers such as A & A Materials and ask about their river rock products.