Talk To Your Sunroom Contractor About Building A New Energy-Efficient Sunroom You Can Enjoy All Year

If you're thinking of converting your garage or basement into living space or building a room addition, consider having a sunroom installed on your house instead. A sunroom could increase your enjoyment of your home while providing some of the following benefits.

Provide An Abundance Of Natural Light 

Natural lighting is important, especially if most of your house is dreary and depends on artificial lighting to brighten things up. A sunroom has walls made of windows, so the room is filled with natural light. You can have a glass ceiling in your room too, but sometimes a covered ceiling is best, and you'll still get plenty of natural light. You can discuss roof options with your sunroom contractor.

Lounging, reading, and playing with kids in natural lighting can be a relaxing experience and boost your mood. You'll have a climate-controlled space where you can enjoy the light as well as outdoor scenery. A sunroom could be a great addition if you have a beautiful view through the windows.

Save You Money Compared To An Addition

A sunroom can provide additional space for your family at a lower cost than a full addition. This could mean you can have a larger room built for a cost that's affordable for you. You don't have to give up anything to substitute a sunroom for an addition, and you could even gain more benefits.

The cost of the room depends on the size and the types of materials used. You can have a luxury sunroom built that costs more, or you could choose a basic sunroom and spend less.

Allow For A Variety Of Uses

A sunroom can be used day or night for all kinds of purposes. If you'll use the room at night or use it as a bedroom, you may want some sort of window treatments installed, such as roll-up privacy shades that are hidden during the day but come down at night to make the room private.

You could use the sunroom as extra sleeping space when you have guests or use it as a dining room, family room, lounging area, craft room, or home office.

One thing to take to your sunroom contractor about is how to deal with glare if you'll have a television or computer in the room. This might be done with a window tint that doesn't block your view but eliminates glare.

Provide Electricity, AC, And Heat

There are different types of sunrooms you can have built, so talk to a sunroom contractor about your options. Some are basically patio enclosures that may not have heat or AC. If you want the most use from your new sunroom, talk to your contractor about installing a four-season sunroom that you can use all year long.

These are built with quality materials that provide excellent insulation. Even the glass is insulated to keep hot or cold air outside. These can be energy efficient and comfortable, just like any other room in your home. 

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