Waterproofing Your Basement Can Improve The Value Of Your Home

The last thing you want is for your basement to flood. A flooding basement can develop mold problems and the moisture can cause a lot of damage to your basement. Installing a basement waterproofing system will not only allow you to shield your basement from moisture but will also improve the value of your home.

Home Buyers are Wary of a Leaking Basement 

Water damage and a leaking basement can turn off many home buyers who will not want to have to deal with the headache. This is especially true for homes that have been built in areas that are prone the flooding. If you waterproof your basement, you will also be able to turn it into a finished basement so you can have more usable space.

Why Basements Leak

There are several reasons why a basement is likely to leak. However, one of the most common reasons is hydrostatic pressure. This results from the soil around your home becoming too saturated with water. This leads to the pressure in your basement increasing to a point where the water begins to seep into your basement through cracks.

The concrete is also porous and the water might seep through the concrete for this reason. Your basement is the most likely to have water problems when it's raining heavily. However, there might be other cases where your basement floods such as if you have a window well seepage. Regardless, you'll want to hire basement waterproofing services so your basement can be sealed properly.

Waterproofing Methods That Work

Some owners think that waterproofing simply involves creating a tighter seal that water cannot penetrate. However, simply applying a waterproofing coat of paint to your walls won't be good enough. A basement waterproofing service will focus on waterproofing both the interior and exterior of your home.

A common way to protect your home from water is to install a tile drain. This is a plastic pipe that has holes drilled into it. This allows water to enter and the water then flows through the pipe naturally. 

To protect your basement internally, the waterproofing service will seal any cracks or other openings in your basement. They will also construct an internal drainage system such as a sump pump so that water can be collected and pumped out of your basement. Then, you will be able to enjoy a dry basement and improve the value of your home.

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