Top 3 Things To Consider Before You Pump Out Your Septic Tank

For your septic system to operate efficiently, you should empty it regularly. Consider undertaking this maintenance practice once every couple of years, although this depends on the number of people in your household, how frequently you hold gatherings, etc. Keep in mind that various factors can increase the frequency with which a septic pump out is required, including having a garbage disposal in your home. Nonetheless, if it is time to empty your tank, there are actions you should take before the arrival of the septic pumping contractors. Learn more about them in this guide.

Contact Your Technician to Measure the Tank's Waste Level

If you haven't noticed signs that your tank needs pumping, yet it has been a while since the last emptying, it is prudent to contact your technician for an inspection. On arrival, your technician will check the scum and sludge levels. If they are above the level that is recommended, the contractors are likely to clean out your tank. On the other hand, if they find that the levels are low, the service providers will calculate the current depth relative to the last cleaning performed. By doing this, they can provide you with a clear estimate of when it will be full and necessitate pumping out.

Locate Your Tank's Lid

When you first move into a home connected to a septic system, you may find it challenging to locate the septic tank lid as it's mostly buried underground. Even so, a septic cleaning contractor can help you locate the cover, perhaps at a fee. You might also manage to find the lid with some investigating and an idea of where it is likely to be. Note that many septic tanks are situated near the house's foundation, and if you have a crawl space, you can also check the section where the plumbing emerges from your house. Moreover, you can utilize a probe bar to find the tank if it is made of a material other than fiberglass.

Make Certain That Septic Cleaning Experts Can Access Your Tank

Before your septic tank cleaning contractor arrives, clear the area surrounding and leading to the tank from your driveway. If the tank is far from your driveway, it is wise to inform the contractors so that they can organize for a longer hose. Removing your car and other vehicles from the driveway is also crucial, as is letting the technicians know of any low tree limbs or power lines.

Septic tank pumping is an essential maintenance practice that will help ensure that your septic tank operates effectively for a long time. As you await the septic pumping professionals, take heed of the measures shared in this guide to help facilitate the exercise.

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