Kitchen Renovations — Organize Your Project

A kitchen renovation project will alter your routine. Using some organizational strategies will minimize unnecessary disruptions. Review the following tactics to support your project, plus ensure that your kitchen's contents remain damage free. 

Clear Out The Room

Your contractor will go over the specifications for the remodeling project. They will tell you what parts of the room will need to be accessed by the construction crew, plus will outline the types of machinery that will be used throughout the renovation process.

Plan on packing up any loose items that are in the kitchen. The renovation project could take days or weeks to complete, depending upon the complexity of the project. Moving nonperishable food items, kitchenwares, and small appliances will not only protect your possessions, it will also ensure that you have everything you need while temporarily using another part of your home as a makeshift kitchen.

The removal of items will provide the contractor and construction crew with full access to the cabinetry, counters, and other fixtures that they will be replacing or upgrading.

Prepare Direct Access For Your Crew

Your contractor and construction crew will need to enter and exit the kitchen multiple times during the day. Renovation teams that will be responsible for cutting materials, painting surfaces, and performing other targeted tasks will benefit from having direct access to the kitchen.

Move items from the hallway or room that leads to the kitchen. Place plastic sheeting or another protective covering across the flooring that the contractor and construction crew will be walking upon. The sheeting will protect flooring materials from sawdust and accidental spills.

Set Up A Prep Area

Materials that will need to be measured and cut in advance may require the use of a standalone area where targeted prep steps can accurately be conducted. A utility room or garage will make a suitable area for your contractor and construction crew to store and prepare materials that will be installed within the kitchen.

If you are going to be ordering countertops, cabinets, and other materials that will ultimately be installed in the kitchen, these items can also be stored within the prep area that you designate.

Any renovation materials that will be shipped directly to your residence can be placed within the prep area as soon as you receive them. This tactic will keep new materials protected from the elements. Set up a prep area that is conveniently located near the kitchen.

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