3 Reasons To Pave A Dirt Driveway With Asphalt

A large circular driveway gives the front of a home the look of elegance, but not when the surface is not properly paved. Driving on a large circular driveway causes a lot of dirt and debris to circulate in the air, which can coat the surface of grass and walkways, and make siding dirty. If you are aware of such problems because you are dealing with them, getting the driveway paved is the resolution. Before choosing a material for paving your dirt driveway, be sure to choose the option that is most convenient for your needs. Asphalt is a pavement material that is durable and has several other advantages over other paving materials.

Advantage 1: Less Downtime

Being unable to use your driveway while construction is taking place can be an inconvenient experience. For example, rather than parking directly in front of your home, you might have to park near a curb that is far away if you have a large yard. Although you will have to find an alternative place to park no matter which pavement material is used, asphalt requires less downtime. The reason is that asphalt pavement construction is a faster process than when using concrete or individual pavers. You can start parking your vehicle in the driveway days after construction is complete, but it also depends on how hot it is outside.

Advantage 2: Easy Maintenance

Another advantage of choosing asphalt to pave your dirt driveway is the convenience of less strenuous maintenance than other materials. Repairing a concrete pavement often requires mixing a batch of concrete, such as filling in cracks. With asphalt pavement, a readily available mixture of asphalt can be used to fill in cracks by placing the mixture in a convenient applicator. There will also be less maintenance because asphalt can withstand freezing weather which causes damage to other pavement types. For example, the freezing and thawing that takes place after freezing temperatures warm up will usually create cracks in a concrete driveway.

Advantage 3: Highly Durable

If you do not like the idea of needing to invest in new construction too soon after getting one constructed, asphalt is a good material option. The reason is that an asphalt driveway will last for decades after it is constructed. The longevity of an asphalt driveway depends on how well it is constructed and taken care of. Unlike other materials, new asphalt can be applied over a damaged layer of asphalt for a fresh look. 

For more information about asphalt paving, contact a local company.