Safety and Risk Declaration

Please read below carefully:

·  I understand that paddle sports are an activity which may expose me to risk and can cause physical injury.

·  I accept that the coach will only be able to assist me if I follow their instructions carefully and that acting outside of their advice may cause me or a third party injuries or difficulties.

·  I have been asked to remove all personal belongings and jewellery before starting my activities. I accept that any items not removed may be lost or damaged during the activity

·  I am sufficiently fit and able to take part in the activity. I have notified the coach of any medical conditions or illnesses that I am suffering from and have any relevant treatment close to hand.

·  I understand that if I am under 18 years old I must have a parent or guardian with me.

·  I accept that if I am the parent or guardian of participants in this tour that I take full responsibility for them.

·  I understand that I will receive a safety briefing and this it is my responsibility to consider my own safety and have suitable medical insurance.

·  The clothing that I am wearing and the equipment I have been provided has been checked by a member of staff and includes a buoyancy aid.

·  I am not under the influence of any non-prescription drugs.

·  I am aware that once the activity starts I must continue to the end and will not leave the group until I am permitted to do so.

By attending any company activities I have been deemed to have accepted the terms of the company and the above declaration.