Team Building

We have a fantastic track record of successful Team Building activities with companies and organisations. We operate day and multi-day activities tailored to the group and can link them together to satisfy a more complex set of desired outcomes.

  • better understanding of your colleagues
  • increased personal motivation
  • increased self esteem
  • increased self confidence
  • increased communications skills
  • increased awareness of others
  • break down barriers between individuals
  • explore working relationships
  • development of healthy outdoor interests

Below is an example of ideas that your organisation might choose to take part in to improve your staff’s performance.

  • Within a forest or river setting there is the opportunity for teams to develop their skills and relationships in ways that are impossible within an office setting
  • Focus is on mental and physical activities
  • Suitable to everyone

Or you might choose some more focussed topics:

  • Learn how to create fire and explore and carry out practical experiments into its many uses
  • Learn how to build woodland shelters and what is involved in looking after yourselves outdoors
  • Learn how to make rafts and build a simple bridge to cross a river

Or, for the more adventurous, how about a expedition training with problem solving, bushcraft and trekking?